As we navigate through the world we are surrounded by amazing curiosities. Through constant exposure we lose sight of just how amazing our little corner of existence is. Take the absolutely beautiful millipede above. I stumbled upon her while blustering my way through the woods. There is a high likelihood this was the only moment in all of time that this millipede would ever come into contact with a human. Until spotted, humanity had no idea this individual millipede existed. It would have lived an entire millipede life without our knowledge. Yet the relationship this millipede has with its environment influences are own lives in a compounding way through a great exchange of energy and matter. This millipede (as with all life on earth) is the product of countless specific events occurring over billions of years. The formation of heavy elements, the movement of the cosmos, and millions of years of evolution had to happen in a very precise way for this encounter to happen. Despite all that effort, of course the millipede has no idea about any of this. It probably only wished I would stop poking a camera lens in its face.

This is in no way meant to belittle the millipede as we are in much the same position. We barely have a grasp on the forces and interactions that define our universe. Even still we do have two tools that help us light a torch and give us a better grip on the tail of the behemoth that's charging its way through the darkness that surrounds us. We have art and science.

It takes the mind of an artist or a scientist to dedicate their lives to the search for beauty, poetry and objective truth. Through that search the whole universe becomes more enlightened. This is why I started, to promote a more collaborative approach between art and science. We are still looking for new collaborators so if you're an artist with an interest in science, or a scientist with an artistic desire. Check out the site and contact me if you're interested in contributing. You can email me at

Matthew T Ross - September 21 2015