Gravity Ark

Screen shot from Gravity Ark.

My brother and I have been hard at work on our latest game, Gravity Ark. You can check out the trailer below. The game is an endless runner in which you are saving all of humanity from a supernova. To accomplish this, you control the placement of black holes to pull the earth away from certain destruction. While I'm sure Neil Degrasse Tyson might have a few things to say regarding the plausibility of that scenario, it makes for a really fun movement mechanic. As the player, you are basically controlling points of gravitational pull which means you have to anticipate your movement and trajectory to avoid obstacles. It also means you can enter the orbit of the black holes and fling yourself in different directions. The game is free and available for android and iOS. Check out the trailer below and I hope you like it.

Matthew T. Ross - March 3rd 2016