Onitama Pocket

Onitama is a great little abstract strategy game. Your goal is to capture your opponent's leader pawn or occupy its home space with your own leader pawn. The movement of a pawn is determined by a random set of 5 movement cards selected during setup, only 2 of which are available to you at a given time. The beautiful twist is that as movement cards are used they are cycled to your opponent. 

I wanted to bring the game with me on the go so I designed a set that easily fits in my pocket. In order to achieve peak pocket-ability, everything (including the board) is printed on standard playing cards. My goal was an aesthetic that was both clean and hand drawn in appearance. 

This set is printed on plastic cards for increased durability (http://www.printerstudio.com/sell/mtrossdesign). The board is sized for mini-meeples and standard cubes (I picked them up from https://www.printplaygames.com/).

Given that these cards would negate picking up the published version of the game, I've decided not to make the movement cards available to download, however you can download the board design and card back design for free below if you'd like to make your version a bit more portable.

Click the image below to download a zip with both designs.
Hope you like it!

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