Singularity Deck 2.0

Singularity Deck 2.0 is finally up!

Given the amazing (and surprising) response to the singularity deck when I first posted it, I've been hard at work expanding it and improving it based on people's feedback. I also decided to dedicate a separate site to some of my analog games projects which you can find here: I'll still be posting design notes and ideas here, but check out for most updates to those projects.

If you want to pick up a copy of the 2nd edition of the deck you can find it at my Drive Thru Cards Store:

For the time being only six suits are available, however I'm working to get the other suits ready to publish as well as updating the hourglass suit (ranked 1-100). In the end I have plans for 12 normal suits and 2 special suits (1 of those being the hourglass suit). The 2nd edition is not compatible with the 1st as the card back has changed, however I am settled on this card back design and it shouldn't change in the future. As before the new card back design and suits have been released to the public domain so people can design their own expansions. Just go to to download the files.


Deck Design:

The Singularity Deck is special in that it consists of 6 suits and includes extra ranks. Additionally the cards have secondary suits called shields, and secondary dice ranks.


The namesake card is the singularity which is ranked both 0 and infinity.

The standard ranks go A to 12.

In addition to the standard Jack through King face cards, is the City card.

The final card is the omega card which represents some catastrophe associated with each suit. The idea is that each suit begins with alpha and ends with omega (excluding the singularity itself).

Card Back Design. To download go to "Design Your Own."


Earth set:

Matthew T. Ross - Last Updated April 16th 2018

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