Gravity Ark
Gravity Ark is an endless runner, with a supernova on the left and endless space on the right. With the touch of your finger, you create black holes, whose gravity redirects your ship, enabling you to avoid the asteroids ahead!

Three whales take destiny into their own fins and launch themselves out of the ocean and into the sky. It is up to you to help them navigate across North America and through the many treacherous obstacles that stand in their way. Good luck and fly whales fly! Fly Whales Fly features a clever mixture of action and problem solving, wrapped in a quirky love story.

An expanded deck of cards themed after the end of the world.

A board designed to play Camelot, Grand Camelot, Go, and any game on a 10 by 10 grid.

Two grid boards designed to play a ton of different games.

A multiuse game board that can play nearly all of the games in the Kris Burm's GIPF series of games. The board works with dvonn, gipf, tzaar, yinsh, and zertz (although zertz doesn't really need a board, so this is cheating a bit). If interested you can learn more about the GIPF series at